"We provide personal empowerment, social development, educational support, economic development and wellness…"


Who we are

Teboho Trust informally started in February 2001 and registered a South African Public Trust in April 2004. The name chosen for the organisation is a SeSotho Name given to a child at birth. It means, “Thank you God for giving us this person…this gift”. This name was given to Mr Bright our founder and all that are part of the Teboho Trust family are saying thank you God for this amazing family.


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Who We Serve

We focus primarily on orphan, vulnerable and / or at-risk children, adolescents, youths, their caregivers and community.

Through the Teboho Trust, the simple success story of a transformation from total despair to absolute hope and educational success is slowly becoming a reality for more of our youth. We currently have close to 400 adolescents that are orphaned and / or vulnerable participating in our programmes.


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What we do

We have programmes and activities to educate children and teens (Ages 4-18) and facilitate the development of small enterprises for their caregivers, out-of-school youth and adults in the community. We provide sports and recreational activities as well as educational and fun trips. We also provide personal empowerment and social development workshops as well as wellness programmes


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How we serve

We operate a successful Saturday Academy, after-school tutorials and holiday academic camps for our children/teens. We run empowerment workshops to build the self-esteem of our children and adults as well as skill them to obtain needed tools and strategies to cope and succeed in their environments. We also conduct wellness workshops and provide nutritious meals when operating our programmes and activities. We also run small business development training and incubation for our caregivers, youths and adults in the community. We provide all of this in a loving and enabling environment.





Why a Teboho Trust

We empower the children and our community in order for them to realise their full potential and contribute to the greater society. At the same time we are helping our village to raise our children well. Our overall aim is to provide an empowering environment that will incubate future leaders while at the same time keeping families together.





How to get involved

Donate, volunteer or just visit. Share your time, talents and resources with a community making a difference in so many lives. Tell others that can help us to help the children and our community. Contact us and join a community-driven organisation making a positive and substantial impact in many lives.




Teboho Trust would like to express deep gratitude towards the following for their continued support of the Teboho Trust family:

Algorithm Consultants & Actuaries | Amazing Grace African Church of God | American International School of Johannesburg | Bright Group | Friends of Teboho | Fruit & Vegetable - Hillfox | Global Fund For Children | Guichard Solutions | Herbert Mdingi Adult Centre - Orlando East, Soweto | Insite Solutions | JH Crew, South Africa | Local Ward Councillors - Soweto | Multichoice | ProBono.Org | Rutgers Graduate School of Education - SAI | TenOutOfTen LLC | SANZAF | South African Police Services - Orlando East Station, Soweto | Stadium Management South Africa | Standard Bank | University of Johannesburg | Wits Volunteers Programme - Wits University

Siyabonga, everyone- we couldn't do it without you!