Some Of What We Have Achieved

"100% pass rate of grade 12 learners on 2004 matric exam and all are currently enrolled in university...."




  • Our Saturday School programme has expanded this year to assists first to ninth graders (mostly orphaned and vulnerable)
  • Our Saturday School programme has attracted the interest and buy-in from parents and guardians in the community that are willing to pay for their kids to be part of our programme.
  • We have opened an office in Dube Village, Soweto at Vocational Centre which is sponsored by the City of Johannesburg, Emergency Management Services.
  • We have two volunteers - Ben Saohatsi and David - to assist us with administrative and project management support.
  • We have identified a building to house Teboho Trust in order to run all of the programmes for effectively and more cost-efficiently with a commitment of 50% of the costs for renovation/repair costs.
  • Capernaum Trust is sponsoring 20 of our learners in 2006 with respect to school fees, textbooks and stationery expenses.
  • We have received computers for the learners from the Minister Counselor for Commercial Affairs - US Embassy in South Africa and Mary Brooks.
  • In June 2005, we moved our successful Saturday School programme to the Kempton Park area where the Believers Bible Church congregation provides their church facilities and their members ensure that the children are provided with a good lunch - at no costs.
  • 99% pass rate of grade 12 learners on 2005 matric exam and many of them are currently attending major universities in Johannesburg, Pretoria and Cape Town.
  • We have the support of the four ward councillors where most of the learners lived in Soweto.
  • We had the girls go through a self-defence course in September by IMPACT. IMPACT self-defense is designed for the average person with no background or training and deals with both the physical and emotional issues around personal safety. This course was sponsored by the Princess Trust.
  • In January, the boys went through a similar self-defence course.
  •  PRIMEDIA has been sponsoring our transport from Soweto to Kempton Park and back to Soweto every Saturday.
  • Exclusive Books donated supplemental study guides for the grade 11 and 12 learners.
  • Learners are earning higher marks and symbols on their reports
  • Some of the older teenagers in the Trust held summer jobs this past summer (December and January) at a major department store
  • We have expanded the Trust to included children in the Kempton Park area.
  • My Father's House Christian Fellowship, under the leadership of Pastor Kelly and Mrs Rene Kelly, has designated Teboho Trust as one of their preferred charities as well as motivating the congregation to support the children in the Trust.
  • Orpah's Angel Network provided school uniforms again, this year for the kids in the Trust.
  • 100% pass rate of grade 12 learners on 2004 matric exam and all are currently enrolled in university.
  • Our first-year university students have completed a successful academic year and continue to support our successful Saturday School programme by facilitating life skills workshops, offering academic tutorials and motivating the younger learners by sharing their university experiences and how the Teboho Trust programmes equipped them for their successes.
  • Oprah had a Christmas Kindness Party for the orphaned and vulnerable children and all of our young people were invited and had a great time as only Oprah can do.
  • God has been sending us angels to help with the Trust and the community:
    • we handed out food to needy families this past Christmas
    •  we gave children toys for Christmas, including black dolls with the help from My Father's House Church
    • we gave baby supplies and orphaned babies and organisations assisting babies in need
    • we gave a grant to Ikageng Itireleng AIDS Ministry
    • we are working in strategic alliances with other non-governmental organisations in the community