An Overview Of Our Programs

"We focus on the needs of the young people...."




The success of Teboho Trust has made it popular amongst learners that are committed to a brighter future and a community in crisis. Some students regularly travel as far as 15 kilometres on-foot to participate in our programmes and activities. Teboho Trust has also been adopted by the neighbourhood’s residents who have seen or heard of The Trust’s successes. They are proud and protective over Teboho Trust and gave its founder, Jose Bright - the name Teboho, meaning “Gift from God.”

In order to better meet the holistic needs of our children and adolescents we have organised our programmes into the following five areas:


  • Personal Empowerment:

    to help our children / adolescents discover their greatness;
  • Social Development:

    to break the barrier of social challenges that our children / adolescents encounter within the township environment and beyond;
  • Educational Support:

    to create a platform of endless educational opportunities for our children / adolescents in order to launch their future successes;
  • Economic Development:

    to facilitate the development of financial stability for our older adolescents and adults in the community; and
  • Wellness:

    to build a healthy body, mind and spirit in our children, adolescents and adults within the community.

Our Programs



Personal Empowerment Workshops

Workshops are facilitated by dedicated teachers and professionals who currently volunteer their time. The life skills offered include:

  • Study, homework and exam taking skills
  • Self-esteem building
  • Communication Skills
  • Leadership Development
  • Success Guide for Adolescents
  • Avoiding the pitfalls of adolescents (e.g., HIV/AIDS, Drug and Alcohol Abuse, Suicide, teen pregnancy and Peer Pressure)
  • Drafting a Personal Strategic Plans to achieve one’s vision and goals in life
  • Managing the changes of adolescence
  • Managing diversity, including gender, ethnicity and nationality
  • Managing Conflict
  • Time Management
  • Team building
  • Entrepreneurial Skills
  • Budgeting and Financial Management Skills

Mentoring Program

Our children and adolescents live in an environment where they lack an opportunity to interact with “successful” adults within and outside of the community. We are fortunate that some of our children have strong role models (e.g., grannies, mothers, aunties, a teacher, etc.), but our children are not exposed to the many opportunities to them in the new South Africa. We encourage our adolescents to discover their world where they can reflect on their personal goals, attributes and successes with an adult that is living their dream career, explore different world paradigms that are successful in the world of work and to discover individual characteristics, strategies and tools to become successful in life. Moreover, we have identified mentors that will certain instil the African philosophy of “Ubuntu” – meaning you’re not fully human unless you interact with other humans through sharing, love, a sense of belonging, respect, caring etc.



Girls & Boys Empowerment Camps

is1With the number of child-headed households increasing yearly and the number of youth in South Africa typically outnumbering the adult population, there is an obvious need to provide them with guidance and direction. The objective of the Girls’ Camp is to develop and empower our teenage township girls with facts and interpersonal skills that will later build them into strong role models. This camp helps them raise their awareness of the capabilities they possess and to successfully identify and then realise their personal goals and objectives. They camps also focus on pitfalls facing teenage girls in the township, hygiene, self-respect, friendships and untraditional career paths for women in the New South Africa.

The purpose of the Boys’ Camp is to equip teenaged boys with the knowledge and skills of real manhood. Without guidance, these young men are likely to be violent, emotionally, sexually and economically abusive, and irresponsible, often passing primary responsibilities onto women. After the camp, the boys are monitored and evaluated for application of knowledge and skills gained at the camp. At these camps, they discuss a myriad of issues (e.g. pitfalls to adolescence, friendships, sexuality, manhood, careers, motivation, self-esteem, etc).


Sports Empowerment Programs

is2The sports program for boys and girls comprises of two types of sports namely soccer and basketball. The boys and girls will participate on teams in tournaments. The program equips the children and adolescents with life skills, teamwork and helps in nursing the necessary skills required for their specific sport. It’s also a powerful vehicle to get the children and teens to focus on sports and stay away from crime and other negative factors in the community.


Leadership Development

is6Many of our communities lack leaders in local government and civil society with the capacity to strategically implement innovative and proven methods which improve the social and economic quality of life of the people they serve. Many of our communities lack leaders that have strong skills to manage and negotiate with diverse stakeholders, plan, organise and control strategic visions and missions as well as the interpersonal skills set to motivate others, manage teams, delegate, empower others, communicate effectively and manage/resolve a conflict. Our leadership empowerment model for our teens develops their leadership skills and gives them relevant experience in leadership roles within Teboho Trust, their schools and civil society organisations. The model is also available to the adults in the community that are in positions of decision-making at the community level. We also provide coaching to the participants to help them acknowledge the need for coaching as well as the correct implementation of the newly acquired knowledge and skills.


Democracy & Governance Programme

is5Democracy is still relatively new for some and the understanding of governance is limited to a large extent at the community level. South Africa recently introduced a governance model that includes the parents and community members in the School Governing Body at all public schools. As parents and community members were installed as members of the governance body, they quickly wanted to manage the schools. They did not understand the concept of governance and as a result much conflict negatively affected the learning at the schools. Teboho Trust has embarked on a democracy and governance program with the children and adolescents. Specifically, each semester, they elect their governance body (e.g., mayor, ward councilors, judges, mayoral cabinet). These teens have then workshopped on their respective roles and responsibilities as well as the skills set necessary to effectively carry out their functions. These students learn how to govern Teboho Trust and they represent the organisation internally and externally. They are monitored and mentored by local government officials, educators and the Teboho Trust staff.



is7The Saturday School Academy Offers the following:

Academic tutorials in: English, Maths, Sciences, Geography, Business Studies, Accounting and Economics; and French / Portuguese.

We also provide a nutritious Lunch. We are unique in that we also offer life skills / orientation workshops to help our children adolescents succeed in the community. We provide learning to children and teens from grades 1-12.

Today, Teboho Trust plays a leading role in educating students and preparing them to excel in school, pass the Matric exam AND succeed in Tertiary Institutions. However, while many organisations help students pass their high school exams, few can claim to properly prepare township children for the challenge of university. The Trust can, and proudly asserts that several of its previous students have graduated from university, working on masters programmes and are successfully completing university programmes (e.g., commerce, Medicine, labour relations, law, accounting, mathematical statistics, education, psychology, information technology, .journalism as well as tourism hospitality, etc.).


After School Academy

is8The After School Academy was designed to assist our students with extra tutorials, life skills and offer recreational activities. Many of our students lack a conducive space at home or within the community where they can do homework, study and participate in recreational activities (e.g., chess, scrabble and other board games) with other young people wanting to stay away from the negative influences as their living condition is often cramped - in a small shack or house with many people sharing the household space – and there are nil to very limited recreational facilities.

We offer the students access to our e-library, study hall, workshop classrooms and recreational space from 3:00 PM until 6:00 PM, Monday through Friday. We are looking to expand our academic support with the inclusion of the Digital Satellite Television’s learning channel and our media centre where they can have access to computers and other information technology.


IT Boot Camp

is9The IT Boot Camp was designed to provide the already academically sound Teboho Trust students the opportunity to become computer literate. The curriculum consists of 5 modules (70 classroom hours) which includes a final presentation and certificates of completion We anticipate continuing the camps not only for our children and teens, but to partner with other community organisations to reach adults in our community.


Small Business Empowerment


The Small Business Empowerment program has been developed to assist our adolescents and adults learn about entrepreneurship, to establish small businesses, to strategically manage their organisational challenges and to become sustainable within the community. There are many great business ideas in the community, yet most lack personal drive, knowledge, skills, experience and a network to mentor them into establishing the business and making it a sustainable one. The Small Business Empowerment program has been designed to specifically assist small businesses at community level get started and grow to the point of adding value to the country’s economy and creating jobs in the community. The mini MBA training component has been developed in a manner to make the learning fun as well as transferring real knowledge and skills with ease in a conducive environment. After the intensive training, the individuals are mentored by a cadre of business professionals to ensure that they become sustainable. The intensive business empowerment model has been successful in both township and rural settings. The participants includes the Teboho Trust learners, their adult family members and others from the community having a passion for entrepreneurship. We are currently in discussions with potential manufacturers to distribute their products within the communities we serve.



Social / psycho Counselling

Given the dire plight of most of our children and teens, we initiated a social / psycho counselling programme to provide support and guidance for the children and their families. We have contracted a local child psychologist – Mr. Thabang Maboya to establish our counselling programmes. He is a teacher and Diagnostician that uncovers maladaptive thought patterns hindering learner progress. He is there for the learners, that is, being a vehicle through which learners realise their potential for growth and creativity. He opens a file for each new learner in the Teboho Trust programmes to help them achieve their personal and educational goals. The files contain both the learner’s academic information and his/her behavioural patterns.Thabang is also involved in the academic tutorials offered by the Teboho Trust and assists in the life skill workshops.

Sexual Health Education is taught to teens with emphasis on the importance of abstinence, responsible sexual behaviour, and sexuality and gender diversity. He also has trained peer counsellors and provides technical assistance to them as they reach out to their peers. He also provides individual counselling, group counselling and family counselling services to our children /teens and their families. They cover such topics as: grief; depression; trauma, rebellion of adolescents; peer pressures; societal ills; and conflict management and HIV/AIDS.


Child Safety and Protection Programs

There are many national and international awareness campaigns that are organised to keep our children / adolescents healthy, safe, happy and informed. We participate in a number of organised activities in the community, including:

  • Wellness Day
  • Road Safety Awareness Campaign
  • First Aid Courses
  • Child Protection Week
  • 16 Days of Non violence Against Women and Children
  • World AIDS Day